Jacque Fresco, at the age of 101, passed away

Perhaps we would have never been emotionally ready to hear those news that we knew well that it could come sooner or later.
... the news that Jacque Fresco, the man who was the cause for all of us to learn, to discover more deeply, to inspire and act into another direction in this barbaric and unsafe world, constantly led to the repetition of a vicious cycle of unreasonable misery, is no longer with us.

For us, who have had the great fortune and honor to get to know him closely, we know well that people will talk about this very important and distinguished scientist after years, as it is difficult for most people to make radical and innovative changes.

For Pangea and "The Venus Project", the implementation and execution of this global social plan is a one-way road. We will keep, Jacque, to fight for a better world, as you have taught us so purely and truly.

Thank you for your inspiration.

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