Meetings of friends and supporters of Venus Project

December and January found our team in a refreshing, fertile and very creative period. Our new "home", 34 Themistocleus Street and Academy, was a catalyst and indispensable factor for the dynamic restart that we have been planning for a long time.

We fixed and decorated it with enthusiasm and positive energy, and those who are invited first to a new place are no others than close friends. So, we have invited some of our close friends, some of the supporters of the Venus Project (others from the earlier days and others newcomers), proposing them to help, to participate and to enrich the ideas, potentials and actions, in this distinct vision for a better, fairer and more sustainable world.

On Sunday, 16/12, a first meeting took place and a second one will be held on 20/1 so everybody can have the chance to attend. .

This first meeting on 16/12 was indeed very encouraging, interesting and very cosily for everyone who was there. Αll those who attended had a keen interest to learn about our plans. We shared interesting views, our concerns and suggestions, referred to our direct and indirect plans and declared our shared willingness to move creatively and effectively into this road and gave "an appointment" for our next steps.

These two meetings are mainly about people who have researched and know the orientation of the Venus Project, people who are consciously willing in becoming activewith us.

So it would be really important if you were interested to find yourself beside us in this new beginning..



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